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Empowering Youth to Make Change
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The goal of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools MAKING IT BETTER website is to empower students, with the support of their teachers, parents and community leaders, to unite and create a culture in each and every school that promotes acceptance, achievement and accomplishments.

The unique promise of our MAKING IT BETTER initiative lies in the ability to provide specific strategies and tools to address each school’s identified needs.

We all can take action using MAKING IT BETTER video and print resources for teachers, students and parents about today’s challenges – from bullying prevention to building resilience.  Click on the tabs above, where educators, students and parents can access resources to help launch the dialogue and activity that lead to positive changes in school climate.

Our high school leaders are creating road maps for their schools – detailed plans to guide the continuing process, set specific standards and ultimately determine a course of action. An annual CMS ENGAGE SUMMIT is held each school year. Click above to watch the first annual summit to experience the music, poetry and discussions that engaged students, their teachers and community leaders to confront bullying, competition, stress and anxiety.

Click above to watch A Challenge to Lead and hear from Charlotte-Mecklenburg community leaders about why it is important to empower students as part of the solution to challenges, from bullying prevention to building resilience.

Have questions? Contact John Concelman at 980-343-2748 or john.concelman@cms.k12.nc.us.

While each generation has faced its dilemmas, today’s are especially challenging. We thank our sponsors, our administrators and YOU for engaging to help make Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools better — the very best we can be. We look forward to sharing our progress and success.


Deb Kaclik
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Director of Curriculum Support Programs
John Concelman
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Character Development/Bullying Prevention


Jill Westmoreland Rose
United States Attorney
For the Western District of North Carolina
United States Attorney’s Office
Frederick Hudson
Law Enforcement Coordinator, District Program Manager
United States Attorney’s Office